Whether it’s for a few hours while you wander around the airport or for a few weeks while you’re holidaying in Madrid or around Spain, we offer secure and affordable storage at the airport for any and all of your bags, luggage and belongings. Across our network, every item that we take in is security screened for the safety of all the belongings that we are entrusted with, so your baggage couldn’t be in safer hands when left with us. Storage costs start from as little as €4.20. You choose when you are ready to pick them up or we can forward them on to you – or their final destination if you wish.

You can consign your luggage at the following times:

  • 7:00 - 19:00

Pick up at the following time

  • 5:00 - 21:00


+7 Days 5.00€

per bag
14 Days 3.00€

per bag


Item exceeding 210cm ( width + lenght + height )

per bag

per bag

per bag
+7 Days 7.35€

per bag
+14 Days 7.45€

per bag


1Can another person pick up my belongings?
Yes. as long as that person the original receipt given to you when you first left your belongings with us.
2What is the opening hours?
For security reasons, luggage can only be consigned at the following times: 07:00 to 19: 00h To recover your belongings you can do it at the following time: 05: 00h - 21: 00h
4How can I be sure that my belongings are safe in their facilities?
All of our facilities are manned by experienced staff. All items booked into our storage area will be security screened.
5What happens if I lose my receipt?
We take security very seriously and we dont want anyone else to collect your belongings, for that reason, if you lose your receipt, you will need to identify and describe in detail all your belongings and, if necessary, tell us what is inside the package or suitcase. Besides which, you will need to sign a document and pay 10€ for the lost receipt.
6What happens if you damage my suitcase during your stay at your facility?
Given that we treat everything that comes onto our premises with great care, it is highly improbable that there will be any damage to your property, but if any damage were to be our responsability, our liabilily is limited to 200€ per transaction. When leaving your belongings with us, our staff check the luggage for damage and, it any, they make a note of it on the receipt. We also reserve the right not to take in any articled considered to be unsuital.
7Do I need to close my bags with a padlock?
All luggage and bags stored with us will be kept in a dedicated, secure left luggage area that is monitored 24 hours a day. So while it is not necessary to lock bags, it is always sensible to take that precaution
8Do I need to book in advance?
No. Our facilities are quite sizeable, so it is extremely unlikely that we will ever run out of space. However, as we have two facilities at Alicante Airport, if one happens to be full, we can always refer you to the other.